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#cildc Thursday sessions list o’ links

I don’t know if this will be of use anyone but me, but I was trying to go over the Computers in Libraries sessions (both those I attended and those I didn’t) to find what I could of the presentation slides/handouts/blog posts and I was getting bogged down in links and files, so I made these lists of links. If anyone knows of stuff that could be on here that I missed, do let me know (use the ‘ask me anything’ link).


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In Google’s defense, part of Chrome’s raison d’être is to hasten the development of cloud apps and sweep the very concepts of hard drives and client software into the dustbin of computer history. The company wants us to leave behind our fixation on physically possessing our data and using applications that run directly on the computer. We can be lighter and more nimble. I agree with Google that the current paradigm will one day be considered irrational and even quaint. But that day isn’t here.
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