#cildc Friday sessions list o’ links

I don’t know if this will be of use anyone but me, but I was trying to go over the Computers in Libraries sessions (both those I attended and those I didn’t) to find what I could of the presentation slides/handouts/blog posts and I was getting bogged down in links and files, so I made these lists of links. If anyone knows of stuff that could be on here that I missed, do let me know (use the ‘ask me anything’ link).


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There is a lesson in here somewhere. Perhaps it’s that eBooks made reading cool again. I don’t know, and can’t say that I really care. She’s reading. That’s all that matters. It wasn’t my love of reading that encouraged her. No, credit goes to her grandmother for giving her the eReader. Hopefully they come down in price before next Christmas. There are a couple of dozen people that I would love to give the miracle of reading to.