#cildc Friday sessions list o’ links

I don’t know if this will be of use anyone but me, but I was trying to go over the Computers in Libraries sessions (both those I attended and those I didn’t) to find what I could of the presentation slides/handouts/blog posts and I was getting bogged down in links and files, so I made these lists of links. If anyone knows of stuff that could be on here that I missed, do let me know (use the ‘ask me anything’ link).


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#cildc B305: Ideas to Steal: 11 Free Marketing Strategies #STIMcil

Steal These Ideas: 11 Free Marketing Strategies to Try Today
Lindsay Sarin (@lcsarin)
Julie Strange (@strnglibrarian)
Andrea Snyder (@alsnyder02)

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It may be if a marketing guru says libraries shld be doing stuff we already are, message isn’t abt services, but that we suck at marketing.