Libraries cannot fail to provide their readers with digitized material, especially in the form of e-journals and databases, and they cannot stop buying printed books. Therefore, they must advance simultaneously on the analog and the digital fronts. That problem, compounded by diminishing funds, underlies the predicament of the New York Public Library. It won’t disappear if we reject the renovation plan and retain a twentieth-century mode of operation.
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Customer Service: The art of making your customers love you [infographic]

My thought: To what extent does this extend to libraries?

Customer Service: The art of making your customers love you [infographic]

My thought: To what extent does this extend to libraries?

#libday8: Monday

I am primarily a reference librarian with additional tasks pertaining to Twitter and our digital services. This is roughly how my Monday went.

  • Arrive, turn on and log in the patron computers in preparation for opening (I was backup librarian for the opening shift)
  • Sort through the weekend’s messages in the reference email box; forwarded, answered, or assigned the questions that came in (we rotate handling the ref box on a monthly basis)
  • Sort through my email box and the Twitter account mailbox, responding, deleting, or filing messages as appropriate
  • Skim through my Twitter feed, Google Reader, and Tumblr dashboard, add a few posts to my Tumblr queue
  • Twitter: collect Twitalyzer stats for the week, update the working spreadsheet with the new mentions/retweets, skim the Twitter feed for the library account I manage and add a few items to RT to the library schedule (I use SocialOomph to schedule the tweets rather than posting by hand)
  • Deal with my Gmail account and cruise through the new listserv messages received over the weekend
  • Lunch
  • Deleted an email alert for a user that retired in December (this is a new task for me; I should probably learn xquery, but for now I have the commands to copy/paste into the system)
  • Dealt with new emails in reference/twitter/my email boxes (recurs ad nauseaum throughout the day, so I’ll stop mentioning it, same goes for Twitter-checking)
  • Spent a good while researching a reference question and answering it, then answered another
  • Started planning the schedule of tweets for February
  • Stopped Twitter planning to respond to the ‘thank you, but I really had X in mind’ response to the reference question I did earlier (seriously, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FROM THE START OR I CAN’T ANSWER YOUR QUESTION EFFECTIVELY—not doing so just frustrates both of us, and in this case, I wouldn’t have had to spend nearly so long researching if I’d had more information up front)
  • Second and last check of Google Reader for the day, as it’s now after 4pm and I don’t have time to get back into Twitter planning this afternoon
  • Updated the library’s retweet counts in my master list for January

And that’s it for me today.

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