A new generation, one that grew up with a data surplus, is coming along. To this cohort, it’s no big deal to miss a tweet or ten, to delete a blog from your reader or to not return a text or even a voice mail. The new standard for a vacation email is, ‘When I get back, I’m going to delete all the email in my box, so if it’s important, please re-send it next week.’ This is what always happens when something goes from scarce to surplus. First we bathe in it, then we waste it.

Seth Godin - The Shower of Data (via aaronwhite)

(I kind of like the idea of just deleting everything that came in while away. Not going to happen, but it’s a nice thought.)

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and libraryguy:

Have I got this right? Seth Godin says: “We need librarians more than ever”, and now the entire profession wants to pummel him? 0_o

It may be if a marketing guru says libraries shld be doing stuff we already are, message isn’t abt services, but that we suck at marketing.