Need suggestions for digital image hosting/organizing software

Our art department is looking to create an online collection of art works that includes various bits of department-defined information (like the artist’s statement) and wants suggestions of software they could use. In the end they want the collection to be searchable and to have control over which parts of the record are publicly viewable, but for now I’m focusing on locating feasible software and leaving the evaluation for later.

So far I have these on my list:

Is there anything obvious that I’m missing? I took a digital libraries class in grad school and I know I worked with CONTENTdm (though of course I couldn’t think of the name when the art people were in my office!), but other than that I’d have to consult my notes. ;-) I suspect we’ll be leaning toward open source, but at this point I want to provide all of the possible options.

#cildc E203: Open Source Trends & Migrations

E203: Open Source Trends & Migrations
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