film/video sources? (prompted by a recent reference question)

I think I got this particular patron squared away, but now I’m wondering in general… What are good resources for finding old film/video? I know about the video available on Internet Archive, but what about other resources, especially for government-produced film?

The Hobbit production shoots 6-12TB of camera data per day. And the shooting schedule (for both parts of the two-part film) involves 265 days of principal photography.
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#cildc Pre-/Post-Conference list o’ links

I don’t know if this will be of use anyone but me, but I was trying to go over the Computers in Libraries sessions (both those I attended and those I didn’t) to find what I could of the presentation slides/handouts/blog posts and I was getting bogged down in links and files, so I made these lists of links. If anyone knows of stuff that could be on here that I missed, do let me know (use the ‘ask me anything’ link).

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Social Media Revolution 2011


LibrarianInBlack: Libraries Got Screwed by Amazon and Overdrive

A bit of fun: The Boxing Cats, courtesy of Thomas Edison in 1894.


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